Business cases

DIY 3D printer

Newly purchased 3D printers does not work or doesn't print accuratly so you need to work on to remove faults and result you get printer broken or some times modification is not possible.

and sometimes additional features need to be added but this makes furstrations.

Nextdent - 3D printing prosthetic dental products

Vertex-Dental is a manufacturer of high quality prosthetic dental products. They provide acrylic materials to vacuum cast teeth, such as the Vertex™ teeth Quint. The Vertex™ teeth grinder can be used to increase the contact surface of the Quint and to place the Quint on a denture base using a bond such as the Vertex™ Acrybond.
Additive manufacturing (AM) simplifies the work flow, teeth don't have to vacuum casted and subsequently milled but can be produced at once.
AM had therefore the potential to disrupt the business model of vertex-dental and posed a threat. - 3D scannen voor perfect passende kleding

Het is 2015, je zit ergens ter wereld achter je beeldscherm en wilt online een product (of dienst) kopen waarvoor je lichaamsmaat relevant is. Veel verder dan Small, Medium, Large, schoenmaat 39 of boordmaat 42 kom je wat persoonlijke maatkennis betreft meestal niet. Je overweegt twee maten te bestellen zodat de juiste erbij zit, de andere stuur je terug. Toch zou het minder omslachtig zijn als je jouw lichaamsmaten kon koppelen aan de maten van het product, maar hoe kom je aan zulke gedetailleerde informatie over jezelf?

3D Hubs - Always a 3D printer near you

It's no secret that 3D printers have enabled today's makers, designers, engineers and artists to create in ways that were never before possible. However, 3D printers are still expensive for many to own, and those who own 3D printers aren't necessarily using them all hours of the day, every day of the week.

How can somebody have something 3D printed without owning a 3D printer and alternatively, how can a 3D printer owner make use of their 3D printer's down time?